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Day 2

Today was grocery shopping day and a lunch date at the new (and awesome and crowded) Pine Street Market.

First, I learned about dining out with food restrictions. I completed a vegetarian challenge last year, so I’ve had a little practice filtering out what I’m “allowed” to eat within the scope of my challenge. I looked first at getting a bowl of Bibimbap, but between the sauces, (likely sugar-)pickled veggies, and the white rice, determined that was out. Ramen, with its white flour noodles, was also a firm no, as was pita from the Israeli cart, hot dogs from OP Wurst, and I didn’t even spare a glance for the soft serve at Wizbangbar.

This left Pollo Bravo, a Spanish-inspired tapas bar, as the most likely answer. The dishes I chose likely did have a *bit* of sugar in them, or weren’t the healthiest: thinking of you, flash-fried but delicious cauliflower. It was closest to the nature of the challenge though, and this was what I was looking to prioritize.

Side note: food challenges are a good practice in empathy. Not being able to eat absolutely anything in sight at this varied and eclectic food market was an uncomfortable change for me. My heart goes out to those restricted by allergies, gut intolerance, or religious conviction from eating some of these delectable offerings. Vegetarians I pity less — that one’s your choice.

But if I thought avoiding sugar in food was tough in a restaurant, this was even more of a surprise at the store. I was craving some dried fruit, and dutifully checked the labels on the back of the packages. Nearly everything had added sugar (!), including dried bananas, cranberries, cherries and mangoes. Luckily I found a bag of Sun-Maid Mini-Snacks raisins that miraculously only listed grapes on the label (as though they were the only ones that thought fruit on its own was sweet enough). So I had my first box of raisins in about a decade, and had no complaints. Really, they’re not that bad when you can’t have a slice of cake instead!

After dinner, I was still left craving chocolate, and remembered that I’d stashed some homemade chocolate syrup (cocoa powder + maple syrup only) in the fridge. Even so, it felt a bit like cheating when I made myself a hot chocolate at the end of the day. It wasn’t the same as that raspberry croissant at the market, or the box of M&M cookies sitting on the counter at home, but it felt against the spirit of the challenge. So here’s to hoping for an equally tasty day tomorrow, though perhaps more in line with the core of the challenge.

Food diary:

  • Breakfast: saved room for lunch
  • Lunch Date @ Pine Street Market
    • Roasted cauliflower
    • Raddicchio salad
    • Quarter chicken
    • Nibble of pine nuts
  • Snack
    • 8oz latte
    • Cheese stick
  • Dinner
    • Leftover Chipotle rice+bean+pork(whoops) bowl on top of greens
  • Late snack
    • Homemade hot cocoa from 100 Days of Real Food
      •  Cocoa powder + maple syrup + milk
    • Banana + homemade peanut butter

Grade: B



New Month Resolution

I resolve, for the month of January:

  • To follow the 100 Days of Real Food challenge
  • To practice yoga every day with Adriene’s

Real Food

The ‘100 Days of Real Food’ Challenge advocates the eponymous goal of eating only real food. ‘Fake’ foods are things like processed sugar (white, brown, turbinado, cane), processed flours, and laboratory-invented ingredients. There’s also an emphasis on organic foods, though I don’t find health-related organic claims to be that convincing. This challenge is a nice halfway point to the zeal of Whole30, and still allows for whole grains, caffeine, and natural sugars in moderation.

Yoga Revolution

I’m cancelling my gym membership tomorrow, to buck the usual trend of joining with the new year. Part of this is that I don’t go; it’s a lot of effort to run to the gym through the cold, sort out a working treadmill from the 1/3 that are usually broken, and to endure the perceived judgement of the free weights crowd. I’m already signed up for DailyBurn (which I really enjoy) for strength-training, though I’m a little removed from this as well.

So into my exercise hiatus appears an opportunity to practice yoga for 31 days with Adriene (YouTube Yogi SuperStar). I’ve been dipping into some of her previous 30 day challenges here, but haven’t fully committed to a yogic month. Her new “Revolution” series is a full 31 days, and I’m signed up for the ride.

Yoga I find to be great for my mental health, and I’d like to prioritize this for January. I have a difficult time claiming it’s as good for my fitness as DB or a run, but hopefully by building a yoga habit I can sub in DB once the 31 days is up.

Today’s thoughts:

  • Morning yoga is nice.
  • Whole food is great.
  • Plain lattes are tasty.
  • Cookies are tempting.

Food Diary:

  • Breakfast
    • Banana
    • Handful cashews
  • Lunch
  • Snack
    • 12oz Latte
  • Dinner
    • One Pan Salmon & Veggies
      • Or just salmon + halved baby potatoes…
      • Side salad dressed with EVOO & vineger instead of veggies
  • Late
    • Stash Pomegranate Raspberry Green Tea